Demagnetisers are electrical devices to eliminate residual magnetism in objects and workpieces. Residual magnetism arises as a result of machining on a magnetic chuck, but it may also induce in subjects other methods (mechanical machining, induction of large electrical machines). Demagnetisers work on the principle of gradual reduction of the magnetic field in the subject as it passes through the active part MAGNETIC CORE. Demagnetizing devices are supplied with alternating current, and a gradual reduction of the magnetic field is achieved by gradually moving the object evenly over the active surface MAGNETIC CORE.

We offer the following types demagnetisers:

  • table
  • Manual
  • tunnel

As an accessory to these devices are measuring instruments for detection and measurement of residual magnetism in materials. These devices can be analog or digital.



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Handy Gaussmeter HGM09s with Polarity Indicator

simple and accurate measurement of magnetic parameters, compact device at a good price

Table demagnetizer

demagnetizers are used to eliminate residual magnetism in workpieces
380,10 € without TAX
456,12 € incl. tax

Manual demagnetizers

Suitable for demagnetizing parts, parts of machines, tools, molds
481,80 € without TAX
578,16 € incl. tax

Tunnel demagnetizer

to demagnetize steel and cast iron parts
5 811,50 € without TAX
6 973,80 € incl. tax

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