Magnetic brakes

Electromagnetic brake EKP

Electromagnetic brake EKP

Electrically actuated disc brakes activated with electromagnet
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Electromagnetic brake EKP - The brake consists of a drive part and a solid magnet body. In fixed magnet body, a drive coil is used to control the voltage of a standard 24 V DC. Other power supplies as an option. Three holes for mounting on the drive shaft are mounted in the spring. The spring serves to disengage the brake to separate the anchor from the magnet body and to lock it in the off state. The control voltage is applied to the free wires of the magnet body. To improve the friction properties, the non-asbestos friction material is placed at the front of the magnet body. There are 4 holes in the flange for mounting the stationary part of the machine.

The air gap between the anchor and the magnet body must be secured by the construction of the downstream parts of the device. The brake has almost no residual moment. In off state, it is not consumed and does not heat. It can therefore be deactivated for an unlimited period of time.

Braking torque:

- the maximum rated torque is 500Nm

Benefits of the EKP brake:

- unlimited operation in off state without overheating and wear

- simple assembly

- no maintenance required nor setup

Use for EKP brakes:

- food machines

- packaging machines

- single-purpose machines

- textile machines


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