Magnetic clutches

Claw clutches, type EZC

Claw clutches, type EZC

Designed for permanent mechanical connection of machines with the possibility of intermittent disconnection by direct or remote controlled equipment
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EZC claw clutch

Clutches EZC transmit torque by spring pressure, which presses into mech claw gearing of driving and driven parts. Clutches can be switched in only in rest or when relative revolutions are very small. Switching off is made by electric magnet and can be done for  15 minutes only.  Throwing out can be carried on by any revolutions but momentary load must not be higher than 50% of nominal torque.

Driving part of EZC clutch consists of magnetic body with coil and collector rings, of movable armature plate furnished with bronze circular ring with calw gearing and of pressure springs.


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