Magnetic clutches

Multi-plate clutches, type ELK

Multi-plate clutches, type ELK

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Type: ELK 2.5, dH7: 25 mm, DpH7: 70 mm, Power supply: 24 VDC, Execution: lubricated
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Type: ELK 6.3, dH7: 30 mm, DpH7: 90 mm, Power supply: 24 VDC, Execution: lubricated
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The shell with the flange is fast connected with the driven machine part. Together with the external multi-plates it creates the driven part of the coupling. The magnet body, in which gearing the internal multi-plates engage, creates the driving part.

The internal multi-plates are covered by the layer of the friction material according to the kind of the operation (lubricated or dry), that extends their service life and increases the friction. The external multi-plates drive by their steps the coupling shell.

The anchor plate is connected with the magnet body by the driving pins. If it is into the exciting coil the direct current taken in, the anchor plate is attracted to the magnet body. If the brake is switched out, the plate is forced off by the spring-loaded forced off pins on the flange of the distance bush.

The adjusting nut is screwed in on the anchor plate, so that at the coupling throwing in it grips the multi-plate set. By the nut rotary the width of the air gap between the magnet body and anchor plate is possible to regulate. The width of the air gap influences the size of the transmitted torque. To its accurate adjustment the set of the feeler gauges attends that are fitted into to the nut taking-out.

The collector rings attends to the exciting current of the brushes supply - for lubricated medium - bronze and for dry medium - cooper-graphite. The distance bush - it limits the extreme position of the anchor. The exciting coil is casted in the magnet body. By the ELK couplings the both outlets are connected to the collector rings.


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