Magnetic separators chips

Magnetic separators turnings

Magnetic separators filings are magnetic systems designed for cleaning of cooling, lubricating and washing liquids (emulsions, oil) from ferromagnetic impurities. Find application in machine tools producing fine ferromagnetic chips for example. grinders, band saws and the like.

The cleaning method can be divided into the following groups:

  • systems with automatic cleaning - ferromagnetic particles are collected on a rotating magnetic drum and subsequently wiped mechanical scraper and discharged into a collection container. These are the types of signs MOP, which are often already part of grinders.
  • Manual cleaning systems - simple magnetic systems ferrite or neodymium magnets, which are inserted into tubs with cooling emulsion and then gradually trapped ferromagnetic particles. After some time, it is necessary to pull them out of the bath and cleaned of caught ferromagnetic impurities. The actual cleaning is easy and fast, because they tend to be equipped with extractor.

This product category can include a variety of magnetic poles for manually cleaning machines from ferro, cleaning T- slots desks and the like.


Magnetic separators chips

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Magnetic roller separator

Continuous separation of liquids.
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Magnetic filter MFSR

Separation of vessels with operating liquid.
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