Magnetic separators

Bakker_new_logo.jpgIron is probably one of the most common materials in industry. But the presence of iron particles in raw materials, components or semi-finished products is totally unacceptable especially in the food and confectionery industries. Raw materials can become contaminated with ferrous particles in many different ways. Shavings from milling operations, nuts and bolts that have vibrated free, burrs which have become detached from the metal components in transportation systems are just a few examples of the ways that contamination can occur. For separation of unwanted ferrous particles from solid or liquid materials are successfully used magnetic separators and filters.

Reason of use of magnetic separators are more: protection of technologic systems of high value, consumer protection, risk of goodwill loss or to meet legislation standards in the field of consumer protection (HACCP, EHEDG). Magnetic separators can be supplied with ferrite (cerramic), neodymium or AlNiCo magnetic system. Properly designed separation system works effectively without negative influences on production process.

You can find an overview of magnetic separation system on following pages. In case you did not find a system which meets your requirements, send us please a description of your separation problem and we will help you to find a suitable solution. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Examples of magnetic separators applications:

Filter_aplikacia.jpg magbox_aplikacia.jpg
Magnetic filter in chocolate industry MAGBOX in flour industry
magbox_aplikacia_2.jpg pasovy_aplikacia.jpg
MAGBOX in feed industry Overbelt magnet in waste processing
sklzovy_aplikacia_2.jpg Trubkovy_magnet_aplikacia.jpg
Chute magnets in plastics industry Tube magnet in flour industry
Drum magnet in use for mineral extraction  


In this section are more detailed described magnetic separation systems, which are used in different areas of industry. This category is divided into the following sub-categories depending on the purpose of each product group:

  • industrial magnetic separators
  • magnetic separators for food and pharmaceutical industry
  • non-ferrous separation systems (Eddy current separators)
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Magnetic separators

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Magnetic roller separator

Continuous separation of liquids.
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Magnetic filter MFSR

Separation of vessels with operating liquid.
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Magnetic slip rods

Tools for the collection of small ferromagnetic waste
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