Overbelt magnets

Suspended separators

Suspended magnetic separators systems are mainly intended for use in waste management in municipal waste, processing of plastic, wood, mining industry. These types of separators through their design deep enough magnetic field to pull the ferromagnetic impurities from greater depths (required for a large amount of material flow). These types of separators in most cases, deploying the conveyor belts after being transported material from which you need to remove iron impurities, often large size, weighing several kilograms. At present, these types of separators populate an almost entirely magnetic system with permanent magnets. These are gradually replacing older electromagnetic separators, because they are more efficient and economical.

This group includes the following products:

  • block magnets - mostly simple magnets mounted magnetic ferrite system. Cleaning is done by hand, so are suitable for use in applications where the iron impurities in the raw material occur at random and magnet just cleaned only occasionally, at longer time intervals.
  • band separators - essentially it is a block magnets equipped with its own conveyor belt, which ensures automatic cleaning magnet. Deployment in applications where the presence of iron impurities massive and manual cleaning would be ineffective or fully automated operations. Belt conveyor enact captured ferromagnetic impurities in container or other transport system.

Overbelt magnets

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