Drum magnets

Drum Separators

Drum separators are used to remove impurities from ferromagnetic large amounts of raw materials and deploying mainly waste management in municipal waste, processing of plastic, wood, mining industry. Their advantage is direct contact with the separated material magnet separator and automatic separation.

There are three types of drum separation system:

  • magnetic barrel - the magnetic system comprises a magnetic sector with an angle of 180 °, which rotate around the drum of stainless steel. They are used usually for conveyor belts.
  • drum magnets with covers - are actually drum magnets placed in the enclosure, and drive outputs of raw material and ferromagnetic impurities separated out. Installing for conveyor belts, piping systems, slipways or the like.
  • Magnetic drive rolls - the magnetic system is made of solid magnetic sector with an angle of 360 °. They are used instead of reversing drum conveyor belt.

Operating principles drum magnets:

bubnovy_tech_2.JPG bubnovy_s_krytom_tech.JPG hnaci_valec_tech.JPG
Bubnový magnet Bubnový magnet s krytovaním Magnetic drive roll



Drum magnets

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