Grids, rods and magboxes

Magnetic grates and bars

The magnetic filter rod may be used in systems transporting solid and liquid substances are provided with a strong neodymium magnetic system enabling a deep magnetic field and thereby effect separation of the ferromagnetic particles. The filter rods stored in a waterproof stainless steel case. They can be in free montýžnych separate installation holes, with one or two tapped holes for easy installation in existing systems.

Magnetic grids are simple separation systems of filtration composed of magnetic rods that can be easily and quickly installed in pipes, chutes, hoppers. Grids are delivered in two versions - standard and easy-clean design with an extractor to simplify the cleaning grate. Magnetic grids are used for deployment in systems where the presence of ferromagnetic impurities low.

Magboxy are complete separation unit designed for installation in pipes. Normally come without a magnetic grids, they can be equipped with standard or easy-clean separation is growing in one or two lines.

Power-Mag is a separation system which was specially developed for applications where it is needed a small amount of magnetic separator, a powerful magnet system and a minimal risk of clogging the separator. Magnetic bars have a rectangular cross section, are provided with separator extractor. The magnetic field of the magnet system and shape are specifically designed for use with material that does not flow freely and / or tend to adhere and accumulate on the surface of the structure.

Principle of operation Power-Magu:



Grids, rods and magboxes

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