EasyPrint Mag

EasyPrint Mag

requires ferromagnetic backing for instalation
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Thickness: 0.19 mm, Execution: white semi–glossy, Dimensions: 1070 mm x 1 m
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- is the newest magnetic based material suitable for direct printing with all recent printing technologies and different printing inks. This material is wider, thinner and lighter than traditional rubber magnet. Because the base material of EasyPrint Mag is magnetic film, it requires ferromagnetic backing for instalation (e.g. steel wall).

Instalation of EasyPrint Mag:

Advantages of EasyPrint system:
1. easy instalation: instalation of large formats is easy, without any special training or equipment. EasyPrint sheetings do not cause blisters and waves in contrast to traditional adhesive vinyl foils. Direct printing and instant install save time and labor cost.
2. change easy: presentation change is so easy that is can do anybody, the foils can be both removed and also overlayed and it takes only a few seconds. Removal and coverage does not damage the back panel but the most of traditional adhesive vinyl can not be removed clearly.
3. print easy: sheetings are suitable for different printing methods (direct digital printing, UV printing), for various printers and inks (water-based, solvent, eco-solvent, UV ink), for indoor and outdoor applications- variety of surface finish and ink solutions.

Magnetization pattern:

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