Actuating electromagnets

Actuating electromagnets

Actuating electromagnets are electric devices intended to execute linear or rotary stroke in limited region. Actutating solenoids can be divided into the following subgoups:

Lifting electromagnets are devices with linear stroke of yoke which is invoked by magnetic field of operating coil. Lifting solenoid can be equipped with permanent magnet which helps during pic-up phase and holds the yoke in end position after the control voltage is switched off. Can be supplied in AC or DC version, operating coil can be supplied also with more options (flying leads, connector, jack).

Rotary electromagnets are devices which execute rotary stroke in limited angle. Stroke is generated by magnetic field of operating coil.

Electromagnetic valves are actuating devices with construction which allows control of valves for gases or liquids. Switching electromagnet opens and closes the valve.


Actuating electromagnets

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EKJ 3626 electromagnet coils

EKJ 3626 electromagnet coils

Coils for EKJ 3626 type electromagnet for hydraulics.
30,00 €

HEVS type blocking electromagnets

Blocking and locking of doors, door systems, various mechanical systems.
from 108,00 €

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