Magnetic filters

Adverse iron particles can also be present in liquid products. Magnetic filters with permanent magnetic system represents an effective solution to remove them from the liquid. The magnet system is formed by neodymium magnets, which are inserted into the pipes of stainless steel, electro-polished steel grade 1.4404. Mounting flanges are standardized according to DIN 2576 ND10. The magnet system is also equipped with extractor, which simplifies and speeds up the cleaning of the filter. The magnet system is attached to the body of the filter with quick-screws, so the filter cleaning is fast and efficient. Magnetic filters are able, thanks to neodymium (NdFeB) magnets remove iron particles from liquids to the size of 10 microns.

For viscous and quick-liquids (eg. Molten chocolate, cheese, etc.) Are the solution of magnetic filters with a double bottom. The circuit is provided with means for injecting hot water into the space between the inner and the outer jacket - this solution reduces the heat loss during the separation, and thus prevent a sticking and clogging of the filter raw material.



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