Magnetic separators for industry

The buckle during grinding, Nuts and bolts, which are released by external influences, burrs iron components separate from piping systems during transport, but a few examples can proceed in the presence of the undesired iron materials. For the separation of unwanted ferromagnetic particles in solid or liquid materials are successfully used magnetic separators and filters.

Reasons for the use of magnetic separators are a few: protection of technological devices should own values, consumer protection, risk of loss of reputation or the fulfillment of the legal standards for the protection of consumer rights (HACCP, EHEDG, etc.). Magnetic separators can be equipped with ferrite, neodymium and alnico magnets. A chosen appropriately magnetic separation system works effectively without adverse effects on the production process.

In this category, magnetic separators see further information and the following types:

  • plate magnets
  • tubular magnets
  • slippages separators
  • cascading separators
  • magnetic grids and magnetic filter rods
  • magnetic filters (separators for liquids)
  • drum magnets
  • suspended separators
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Metal Separators

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Magnetic roller separator

Continuous separation of liquids.
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Magnetic filter MFSR

Separation of vessels with operating liquid.
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Magnetic slip rods

Tools for the collection of small ferromagnetic waste
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