Chucks for milling

Magnetic chucks for milling

Magnetic chucks for milling can be divided into two groups according to their principle activities:

  • Permanent fixtures - magnetic circuit is made ​​of neodymium (NdFeB) magnets and in combination with a suitable type of pole plates generate sufficient holding force for use in demanding applications such as milling. Typically, these chucks with parallel pole plates hunting, pin board structure is formed by a combination of steel and brass slats. Sometimes the brass plates being replaced with epoxy resin. Clamps are usually equipped with mechanical stops to increase the clamping force.
  • Electro-permanent clamps - a magnetic circuit formed by the permanent magnet array and a coil, which together with the control electronics of the start and stop of the magnetic plate. These types of fasteners are characterized by high security - the workpiece is held by force neodymium permanent magnets, so when there is no power supply failure to release the workpiece. An electric current is used only to switch on, off board and demagnetization workpiece, which takes the order of a few seconds (depending on the size of the magnetic board).

Chucks for milling

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For hard machining like MILLING, PLANNING, DRILLING


Elektro-permanentný upínač na frézovanie so štvorcovými pólmi


for hard machining like MILLING, PLANNING, DRILLING


special version of NEOMILL


Elektro-permanentný magnetický upínač na ťažké frézovacie operácie
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Clamp for milling SPIDER

Electro-permanent fixture for milling square poles.
3 534,00 €

Full (Desktop) version