Flat pot magnets, SmCo

Flat pot magnets with SmCo magnetic core

Pot magnets with samarium-cobalt magnetic core unify the advantages of neodymium and ferrite pot magnets - high holding force by using anisotropic SmCo5 magnets and high working temperature. Holding force of SmCo pot magnets is comparable to the neodymium types (slightly less), while maximum working temperature is +200°C, supplied are in galvanized body. Main disadvantage is higher price.

Flat pot magnets with SmCo magnetic core are available in the following executions:

  • single flat
  • with screwed bush
  • with cylinder bore

Flat pot magnets, SmCo

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Pot magnet flat, SmCo

galvanized body, SmCo5 magnetic core, anisotropic
from 4,36 €

Pot magnet flat with screwed bush, SmCo

galvanized body, SmCo5 magnetic core, anisotropic
from 4,45 €

Pot magnet flat with cylinder bore, Sm2Co17

galvanized body, Sm2Co17 magnetic core, anisotropic
from 20,23 €

Pot magnet flat with bore and 90° counterbore, Sm2Co17

galvanized body, Sm2Co17 magnetic core, anisotropic
from 11,24 €

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