Flexible magnets

In this section are more detailed described flexible magnetic materials and products, which are used mainly in advertising industry, storage facilities, toys production, presentations, etc.

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Flexible magnets

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Magnetic sheet PREMIUM, adhesive

magnetization type is one-side multipolar
from 11,42 €

Magnetic sheet PREMIUM, plain

magnetization type is one-side multipolar
from 8,16 €

NEOFOIL magnetic foil, extremely strong

new type of flexible magnetic material
from 97,20 €

Magnet for vehicle graphics instalation

neodymium magnetic core, anisotropic
9,72 €

EasyPrint Mag

requires ferromagnetic backing for instalation
24,25 €

EasyPrint Steel

The material is capable of replacing traditional print media
18,37 €

Magnetic tape 10 mtr, plain brown

non-magnetic side is plain brown
from 9,53 €

Magnetic tape 10 mtr, white matte

non-magnetic side is white matte
from 10,58 €

Magnetic tape 10 mtr, adhesive

non-magnetic side is adhesive
from 11,11 €
from 3,58 €

Magnetic tape extruded

Application area of extrusion magnetic tapes is mainly banners, pop-up stands, exhibitions and shows, etc.
from 1,73 €

Magnetic strip 1 m, plain brown

cut of magnetic sheet
from 1,01 €

Magnetic strip 1 m, adhesive

cut of magnetic sheet
from 1,16 €

Magnetic labels, plain brown

cut of magnetic sheet
from 5,18 €
9,66 €

Acrylic magnet

Made of transparent plastic
1,09 €
from 0,07 €

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