Permanent chucks

Permanent fixtures

And a permanent magnetic chucks for grinding harness the power of permanent magnets to create sufficient clamping force necessary for grinding, polishing, assembly work and so on. They are currently produced almost exclusively with Neodymium (NdFeB) magnet system which ensures excellent clamping force. Old types of fasteners ferrite magnetic system as PERMAG PERMAG K and P are gradually being replaced by just chuck with neodymium magnets. Switching on and off the fixture is done mechanically using a key. In the off state the magnetic field is enclosed within the body of the fixture while it is switched on is suitably directed through the pole plates to clamp workpieces.


Permanent chucks

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Grinding of small and thin parts.
from 643,56 €


for spark erosion machines with small stroke


Chuck designed for grinding small and thin workpieces
from 306,00 €

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