AlNiCo magnets

AlNiCo magnets are alloys of alluminium, nickel, cobalt, iron, copper and titanium. There are 2 production processes: casting and sintering, magnetization is possible only in axial direction.

AlNiCo magnets have high remanence, but low coercivity - this fact determines the magnetization direction. Optimal ratio of diameter and length of the magnet is 1:4. Magnetic field of AlNiCo magnets can be weaken by demagnetizing. AlNiCo is a hard material, machining is possible by grinding.

Working temparature is between -270°C and +500°C. AlNiCo magnets are resistant against acids and solvents.






Table of magnetic properties of AlNiCo magnets:

Material grade


Br (T)

Coercivity Hc (kA/m)

Max. energy product

(BxH)max (kJ/m3)

Max. working temp.

Tw (°C)

Normal Hcb Intrinsic Hci
AlNiCo 3 0.60 40 40 10 <= 500
AlNiCo 5 1.22 48 48 40 <= 500
AlNiCo 8 0.88 120 120 44 <= 500
AlNiCo 500 1.16 48 48 35 <= 450


Other magnetic and mechanic parameters of AlNiCo magnets:

Temp. coefficient of Br (%/°C) Temp. coefficient of Hci (%/°C) Magnetizing field (kA/m) Curie temp. (°C) Density (g/cm3) Hardness (Hv)
- 0.03   > 800 860 - 890 7.1 - 7.3 550




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AlNiCo rod, anisotropic

AlNiCo rod, anisotropic

magnetized through length L (axially)
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Strong AlNiCo horseshoe magnet

Strong AlNiCo horseshoe magnet

magnetized through length (axially)
AlNiCo ring, anisotropic

AlNiCo ring, anisotropic

magnetized through thickness H (axially)
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