Grids, rods and magboxes

Separating grates, bars and magboxy

Separation grids and filter rods represent a very powerful system with excellent price / quality ratio. They are used for separating fine ferromagnetic particles from the bulk material flow. They are placed into existing pipelines, hoppers, chutes. Magnetic grids have a wide range of applications in the food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical industry or agricultural production.

To ensure resistance to corrosion and the separators good mechanical resistance, the magnetic system is always in a stainless steel case (304). If the requirements of hygiene in the deployment environment tightened (food and pharmaceutical industries), wrapping the magnetic system is made of stainless steel 1.4404, whose surface is also special surface finished (electrolytic polishing).

Magnitude and configuration of the magnet system are carefully skalkulované such that the separation efficacy and prevent the clogging of the transport system. Magnetic poles and grids can be in a ferrite magnet system (up to a maximum use temperature of 150 ° C) or more powerful Neodymium magnet system (90 ° C). Square magnetic grids can be equipped with extractor for cleaning simplification caught by ferromagnetic impurities.

Magboxy are complete separation unit whose magnetic separation system comprises magnetic grids or filter rods, enable direct installation in pipes using flanges. They can be supplied with a manual or automatic cleaning.


Grids, rods and magboxes

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