Lifting electromagnets

Lifting electromagnets with a wide range of solutions and applications for lifting and handling material and iron loads. This type of electromagnet is now used worldwide in a variety of environments and a great deal of use.

We supply a wide range of lifting magnets, magnetic separators or radiation units as well as specially designed lifting systems. Our products are manufactured in compliance with CE certificate and meet European quality standards according to ISO 9001 requirements.

Whenever you need a solution to handle sheet metal rolls, rails, iron blocks or other metallic material, SELOS is here for you with our solutions.

Lifting electromagnets

Lifting electromagnets

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Lifting electromagnet DIMET EMG F

Lifting electromagnets F series
Lifting electromagnet DIMET EMGT

Lifting electromagnet DIMET EMGT

Lifting electromagnets EMGT series

Lifting electromagnet DIMET EMGR

Lifting electromagnets EMGR series

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