Cascade magnets

Cascading separators

This type of separation system is used wherever it is necessary to separate the ferromagnetic particles from undesirable large quantities of bulk material. Cascade system can be delivered in a manually operated or automatically converted. The design of the system is in a 4 mm thick stainless steel.

Cascade systems have a wide range of applications and are easy to install in existing transport routes. To the output of the system can include a valve that makes cleaning system from unwanted iron particles (see. Figure). Once the flap is open, it is possible to delete the unwanted ferrous particles from the separator into a prepared collection system (tank, conveyor, slip, etc.). With automatic version to clean up the system just press a button. All components comply automatically converted to ISO and CETOP. Each model may be further provided with inspection windows.

Cascade separators are equipped with FDA thatched magnets. If desired for particular applications, may be provided with a plate-shaped cascade systems magnets FDL or FDL / C (plate-shaped magnet in the socket Omega / plate magnet with inclined pole).

The principle of operation of cascade separators:


  1. Material flow passes through the cascade system.
  2. Material flow is interrupted in order to remove unwanted particles flap sweeps.
  3. Turn the magnet magnetic field delayed and trapped particles spontaneously waste.

Cascade magnets

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