Magnetic filters

This type of magnetic separator is intended for separation of the magnetic particles from the liquid stream of intermediate blends easily. The construction is of stainless steel, the magnetic particles can be embedded ferrite or 4 times more powerful neodymium magnets. Any metal impurities are captured on the surface of the stainless-steel housing, wherein the magnetic core. The filters are manufactured in a hygienic reasons.

The filter can also be used for the pneumatic transport of liquids up to 10 bar. The filter can also be used in fast-solidifying liquid compositions (chocolate, cream cheese and the like.), Which has the special double jacket casing for the magnetic component. The housing can be connected to the circulation of hot water, thus avoiding the loss of temperature of the mixture during the process of magnetic separation. The connection filter to an existing pipeline through flanges is standard, termination, however, can be fully adapted to the needs of the customer.

Magnetic filters are very easy to clean. During the interruption in the flow of material, the separator body with a market pulls out, then pull the magnetic cores of non-magnetic tubes and both parts can be cleaned effortlessly.

In the segment magnetic separation of fluids, there are three basic types of separators:

  • magnetic filters for pipeline transportation systems - are installed into the pipeline via flanges
  • magnetic filters for tanks - are inserted into the tank with the operating fluid, the required number depends on the capacity of the tank
  • Magnetic separators sawdust - uses continuous cleaning of process liquid


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