Magnetic separators for the food and pharmaceutical industries

The metal is one of the most widely used materials in the industry. However ... the metal particles are undesirable in the final products, blanks, or input materials - especially when it comes to the food industry. The company pays great efforts to eliminate such unwanted particles. This can be addressed with great success by magnetic separators. SELOS is a longtime supplier and consultant in the field of separation systems for industrial metals. We offer complete solutions for magnetic separation food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

SELOS separation systems meet all required by law rules and regulations.


Increased requirements of legislation on food hygiene have led to the development of a new range of magnetic separation systems, designed for the industrial sector.

Companies not only in this area need to deal with risk analysis. It is frequently used system HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). This system, together with EHEDG and FDA standards were used in the development and production and our separation systems. During the development of the new series of separators have been used only top grade materials. Therefore, all our systems use high quality stainless steel. Moreover, all our separators used in the most appropriate form extremely strong neodymium magnets for this type of application. All seams are designed as a waterproof surfaces that may come into contact with the product undergoing the process of electrolytic polishing. The shape of the separators is designed so as to avoid tearing of the product (rounded edges). In the development, it was also seen to the easy removal of captured metal particles, which reduces equipment down time to a minimum.

All separation systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries are equipped with neodymium (NdFeB) magnet system and all are suitable for deployment in hazardous areas in zone 22 category III (ATEX).

In this category, magnetic separators see further information and the following types:

  • Plate and slide separators
  • Filter rods, magnetic grids and magboxy
  • Magnetic filters
Separators for Food industry
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Separators for Food industry

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