Tube magnets

Pipe Separators

Tube magnetic separators are used for separation of ferromagnetic impurities from the material flows flowing in pipes. They may be deployed, where the magnet can be manually clean the buildup. Suitable for installation in existing pipelines at the middle or end of the pipe. Tube magnets are designed such that the permanent magnetic core is in the path of flowing the raw material so that the conduit can flow only dry, granular material to be small enough to prevent clogging by large pieces of the separator. These types are not suitable for deployment where the material is wet, oily or has encountered large pieces and there would be a gradual clogging of the separator. Tube Magnets are delivered in a design with ferrite or neodymium magnetic core.

Tubular separators can be used to separate the ferromagnetic particles from chemicals, plastics, feed, seed, food or pharmaceutical materials. The construction is made of steel with a wall thickness of 4 mm, multiple choice on the inlet and outlet pipe diameter. Purification by hand.

For the needs of customers can be supplied separately permanent magnetic core. Kernel size should be the same as the diameter of the existing pipe.

The principle of operation of tubular magnets:



Tube magnets

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