Scrap magnets

Scrap magnets are circular electromagnets for lifting blocks, blanks, cut parts and chips useful for scrap yards, foundries, in warehouses or workshops. They are produced in several versions according to power: super light, light, medium and heavy. Scrap electromag magnet was specially developed for the handling of scrap. Diameter and weight of the magnet are adapted to lift the standard of scrap by crane.

The magnet is mounted in the housing with a rough ribbed bottom of 12% manganese steel with high strength. Welded and has a waterproof design, is suspended on three chains of solid, long-life of high-strength steel grade 80 (safety factor 1: 5). All elements are designed to reach maximum efficiency.

The construction is made of steel with high throughput, deep welding and annealing. The coils are wound of electrolytic copper, insulation is class H and the magnet is filled epoxy resin with high insulation degree.



Scrap magnets

DIMET EMG F retracdable electromagnet

DIMET EMG F retracdable electromagnet

Lifting electromagnets F series
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Used for handling of:

- slabs

- steel blooms

- rails and forgings


- overhead cranes

- material handling machines

Features and benefits:

- specially designed for steel mill applications

- copper coil as an option

- hot material handling up to 650 degress Celsius as an option


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