Magnetic brakes

Multi-plate brakes activated with springs EBP

Multi-plate brakes activated with springs EBP

They are intended for a drive where there is a requirement for braking the rotating parts of the machine in the event of a power failure for functional or safety reasons
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Electrically actuated multi-plate brakes activated with springs and released with electromagnet - The EBP brakes consist of the driven and fast part. The driven part is created from the driving unit and the set of the inner plates. The fast part is the magnet body gripped on the immovable machine part and equipped by the exciting coil. At the magnet body there are also the springs and outer plates seated. The braking moment is transmitted by the plates friction that are forced together by the force excited by the springs. As soon as the current is taken in into the coil the anchor ring is drawn in direction to the cby which the friction plates are released set and the brake is released. Simultaneously the switching contact will connect the series resistor, by which the current is decreased to the value needful to the permanent switching off (the series resistor is not the part of the brake supply).

In a moment, when the current is interrupted, the springs will press the set other friction multi-plates, that excite the braking moment. The brakes reqthe negligible maintenance that consists in substance in the adjustment of the air gap and in the exchange of worn-out friction multi-plates that are their most important spare parts. The EBP brakes work in dry and also lubricated surroundings. The combination of the multi-plates steel - metal-ceramics for lubricated and also dry medium or for dry medium the multi-plates steel - asbestosless friction material. They are controlled by hand by the push -buttons or automatically by the direct current of the nominal voltage 24 V.

If the network with the alternating voltage is to disposal, the semiconductor rectifier in Grätz connection is used. The brake can work in lubricated or dry medium - it is necessary to shown in the order. The brake is supplied with the store preparing according to the dimensioned table.

Operational conditions:
- lubricated or non-lubricated environment.
- operating temperature range +50 -25°C
- control voltage 24V DC

- relatively high braking torque
- easy maintenance
- easy to assemble
- low wear of the friction plates

Typical product´s application:
- machine tools
- press machines
- milling machines
- copy machines

Braking torque:
- maximal nominal braking torque 160 Nm


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